Tourist Card

Travel Requirements

In order to enter the Dominican Republic, visitors from certain countries might be required to be granted a Dominican Visa which could be arranged through the nearest consulate office. However, based on several treaties and special regulations, certain countries are not required for a visa and instead a Tourist Card, a way of tax, must my purchased either upon arrival or through the website of the DGII (Tax Administration).

Tourist Card Regulations

Regulations for the Tourist Card were established under the Law 199-67 , which states that any acquired under the tourist card are automatically lost if the party even engages in any kind of business activity within the Dominican Republic at it might lead to an immediate expulsion from the country. That is why all visitors expecting to enter the Dominican with business proposes are highly encouraged to apply for a business visa which might be granted for one or multiple entries.


The Tourist card is valid for 30 days from the day of arrival and a year from the date of purchase and grants the visitor with 30 days staying and could be extended by the paying of a proportional fee depending on the amount of time that the visitor plans to stay in the country.


  1. When I stay longer than 30 days in DR, how much will be the fee at the airport to extend the tourist card?
    Is a Website available for information?

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