The establishment of diplomatic and trade relations between China and the Dominican Republic, at the end of last April, has given way to the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and entrepreneurs in this sector focusing on capturing that important Asian market, however the main Promoter of tourism in Punta Cana, Frank Rainieri, believes that “you can not count much on Chinese tourists.”

In an interview recently on the radio program La Revuelta de la Mañana, Rainieri said that Chinese vacationers do not like sun and beach tourism, but are inclined with commercial tourism and visiting historical places.

“It is a tourist (Chinese) who wants to know the places they have historically read, such as Europe (…) and when they go to the beach, honeymoon, they go to places near them, such as Vietnan, Cambodia and Tailianda. In this last country, there were more than 12 million tourists last year, “said the president of Grupo Puntacana.

Another factor cited by the businessman is that Chinese people like to play in casinos, citing as the most popular place for them to go to Macao, a Chinese province that has as many casinos as Las Vegas, United States. There they also have the free zones integrated into the casinos; that is, they play and buy in the same place.

In what conditions are created and the country is promoted to make Chinese tourists decide to last 16 hours flying to Punta Cana, he suggested continuing to strengthen the markets that have given foreign currency to the Dominican Republic, such as the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.

He recalled that in 1992, tourism entrepreneurs and the tourism minister at that time, went to Russia to capture that audience. However, it took 15 years for the Russians to visit us. What Rainieri wanted to say is that markets do not emerge from one day to the next.

In that position, Rainieri agrees with the president of Asonahores, Joel Santos, who has proposed that attracting the Chinese tourist issuing market is a “long-term” task.