Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata

On the northern coast of the Dominican Republic lies a city named Puerto Plata.
Discovered on Columbus’ first voyage to the island, he expressed that the fog at peak of
the mountain had a silver-like appearance and from there the name “Puerto Plata” was
coined – “The Silver Port”.

History of Puerto Plata

When properly settled in the early 16 th century, Puerto Plata was actually the main commercial and maritime port on the island and as a result suffered frequent attacked from pirates and for this its dominance was lost. Owing to English piracy, the city was also depopulated and destroyed by Felipe III but was repopulated about a hundred years later by farmers. Following the independence of the Dominican Republic from the Haitians,the city begun to thrive and flourished and saw a great scheme of immigrants into the city.

Other noteworthy events which occurred in this city are the Battle of Puerto Plata Harbour between the US forces and the French in the late 18 th century and the destruction of the city in 1863 in the Dominican Restoration War. These events all contribute to the historical significance of the port and also add richness to its cultureand fostered its development.

Population of Puerto Plata

Today, Puerto Plata has an estimated population of over 330,000 inhabitants who
live mainly in the capital of the province, San Felipe de Puerto Plata who depend
almost entirely on tourism livelihood and survival. Served by the Gregorio Luperón
International Airport and the actual seaport itself, thousands of tourists flock the city every year to share in the many attractions it has to offer.

So what exactly does it have to offer?

Puerto Plata offers a wide variety of all inclusive and budget-friendly
accommodations, fine dining and beautiful beaches. In fact when you mention Puerto
Plata to anyone the first thing that comes to mind is the beaches. Long broad white sand
beaches span the coast and include popular names such as Playa Grande, Playa Dorada,
Long Beach, etc. But that’s not all. The city is home to Ocean World, an adventure park
filled with corals, dolphins , fishes and other sea life, casinos, museums, lighthouse,
nature trails and lots more.

But the fun isn’t limited to the daytime. At night, the city is still alive with sounds of
merengue and salsa filling the air while people enjoy the bars, lounges, discos,
casinos and even live shows and karaoke. If that’s not enough to get you to Puerto
Plata, every year during February and March, the streets are filled with festivity from the
carnivals held which showcase aspects of Spanish, African and other indigenous

The Silver Port, Puerto Plata, is suitable for all age groups and is filled with fun and
surprises for the entire family. It is also suitable for those who wish to relax and get
away from the everyday stresses life has to offer. If for even a day, a week or a month,
Puerto Plata is definitely worth the trip.

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