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Dominican Republic Hotels

Dominican Republic Hotel
An unbeatable Caribbean destination Wanting to spend your next vacation in the Caribbean? Worried about suitable accommodation? Well, look no further. The Dominican Republic Hotels offers a wide range of hotel-types suited for any type of tourist, all year round. Pricing is one of the most important factors when considering the ideal hotel. Other important factors include Group size, personal preference, interests, and...

Art & Culture in the Dominican Republic

Art & Culture Cultural Background The people of the Dominican Republic have had numerous influences, predominantly European, African and Taino which makes for unique, interesting and vibrant art forms and culture. In the Dominican Republic, the type of cuisine may be described as comida criolla which takes aspects of Spanish and combines them with African and Taino culinary practices and methods...

History of the Dominican Republic

History of the Dominican Republic
Discovery of the Hispaniola and Colonial Age Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic was first named La Española owing to its similar characteristics of terrain and climate that it shared with the motherland, Spain. The Dominican Republic lies at 18.7357ºN and 70.1627ºW on the eastern end of Hispaniola whose coasts...

Tourist Card

Tourist Card
Travel Requirements In order to enter the Dominican Republic, visitors from certain countries might be required to be granted a Dominican Visa which could be arranged through the nearest consulate office. However, based on several treaties and special regulations, certain countries are not required for a visa and instead a Tourist Card, a way of tax, must my purchased either...

Santo Domingo, the capital of the largest Growing Economy in the Region

Santo Domingo
History  Accommodation and Living People & Nightlife The Colonial Zone Discovered in 1496 by Christopher Columbus, the city of Santo Domingo holds the title of the oldest European settlement in the New World. In 1498, the city was properly settled by his brother, Bartholomew Columbus, on the eastern bank at the mouth of the Ozama river and was first called “Nueva Isabela” in...

The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, The First City of the New World

Colonial Zone
The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, a world's heritage A settlement established by Bartholomew Columbus on the south eastern coast of the now Dominican Republic, The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo was the first of its kind in the New World and became the most important city for the Spanish in the Caribbean, used to influence and dominate the surrounding territories....

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