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Rating upgraded based on Dominican Republic Economic Growth

Dominican Republic Economic Growth
Based on Dominican Republic Economic Growth, The risk rating agency upgraded the Dominican Economy from  "B1" to "Ba3" as a result of the progressive development experienced by the country since 2010. This includes de reduction of the fiscal deficit observed in the past 4 years and the reduction of external vulnerabilities. More about the economy of Dominican Republic    

DP World Caucedo Port announced largest ship to visiting dominican dock

caucedo port
The Multinational Caucedo Port Maging corporation DP World announced that the largest ship that had ever visited a dock in the Dominican Republic is expected to arrive at their facility in Santo Domingo Este ( East Santo Domingo). DP World Speaker said that the 351 meters long Cosco Yantian hailing from Asia is setting a record for Dominican ports. The...

Samana, the full of splendor home of the humpback whales

Samana A paradise situated on the Samana Peninsula on the island of the Dominican Republic formerly spelled Xamaná by its Taino inhabitants and washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the Province of Samaná is a high traffic tourist area and the main center for whale watching in the Caribbean. Discovered by Columbus in 1493 and officially founded in 1756, the mountainous region...

La Romana

La Romana
Where is La Romana Central Romana Sugar Mill Casa de Campo Altos de Chavon Beaches in La Romana Where is La Romana ? Founded near the end of the 19th century as an oil town, La Romana sits on the south eastern coast of the island of the Dominican Republic. In 1911, the town saw a mass influx of persons into the area due to...

Boca Chica, the traditional Beach of white sand and shallow crystal clear waters

Boca Chica
Where is Boca Chica ? Boca Chica, a small beach town with miles of soft white sand with shallow crystal clear water sheltered by beautiful coral reefs, lies approximately thirty kilometers east of the  capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. However, if you walk up to any one of the over 123,000 inhabitants of Boca Chica they’ll tell you that Boca...

Punta Cana and Bavaro, Population, NightLife and Business Opportunities

Punta Cana
Where is Punta Cana? Planning a trip to the Caribbean soon? Can’t decide where to journey to exactly? Well, Punta Cana may very well be the place for you. “Punta” in Spanish translates to the English words “point” or “cape” and “Caña” which was later changed by its American investors to “Cana” translates to the English words “cane” or “palm...

Bahia de las Aguilas (Eagles Bay) to build international airport and 3 Rooms

Bahia de las Aguilas (Eagles Bay)
The Dominican Government announced the construction of about 3,000 hotel rooms and an international airport in Bahia de las Aguilas (Eagles Bay) under a combined investment with the private sector. The Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic , Francisco Javier Garcia,  informed that the president flew to the zone to discuss the subject and establish a development plan with the investors...

Near 20,000 people visited the Expo Tourism Fair in Santiago

Expo Tourism
About 20,000 People visited the 2oth edition of the Expo Tourism Fair which took place over the last weekend in the Hodelpa Grand Almirante Convention Center in the city of Santiago The Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic Francisco Javier Garcia, considered the event as transcended the borders of a local event to turn into a national event. The event was crowded by...

Weather in the Dominican Republic – Facts and Forecasting Information

Weather in the Dominican Republic
Weather in Dominican Republic Tropical Climate and its impact on Weather in the Dominican Republic The weather in the Dominican Republic is the result of the climatic zone in which it is situated i.e. the tropical zone.  The climate of the Dominican Republic is described as a “tropical maritime climate” as its weather conditions are influenced by its proximity to the equator and...

Flora & Fauna

flora and fauna
Flora and Fauna in the Dominican Republic Flora and Fauna in the Dominican Republic The Caribbean is home to a wide variety of exotic plants and creatures because of its location in the tropics. With high annual rainfall and temperatures all year round, a variety of flora and fauna receive the ideal conditions required for breeding and blossoming. The Dominican Republic does not...

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