Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- The Industrial facility currently holding Metaldom on Santo Domingo‘s seaside will be replaced by the construction of 2,000 middle to upper-middle class condos as per reported by Listin Diario.

The Project is waiting for approval of the National District’s Council in order to start the construction on a 194,000 square meters area along with the possibility to get funds from the Husting Trust Law.

The project only awaits the National District Council approval to start construction that the buildings on an area estimated at 194,000 square meters, and possible funding from the Housing Trust Law. The project will be conducted by several stakeholders like Gerdau Metaldom, Inicia and Terra.

The construction is estimated to start in six months.

About Metaldom

Medaldom has been the largest steel mill / metallurgical Complex in the Dominican Republic for decades since it was first established in 1968. In 2014 Metaldom merged with INCA, the largest nail producer in the Dominican Republic  under a partnership with the largest Brazilian steel mill group Gerdau to create the new entity Gerdau-Metaldom which has become the largest in central America with a presence in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Jamaica.