Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas, a scenic beach lying in the north of the province of Samana at the north eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.

History and Background

In the year 1946, the then president (Trujillo) gave an order for the relocation of the rural population of Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas where they would work as farmers and fishermen. This fishing village slowly blossomed into a tourist hotspot due to government and foreign investments in infrastructure. Its development into a tourist area is also owed to its natural beauty as Las Terrenas boasts miles of white sand beaches which line its coasts and clear majestic waters. Though founded in 1946, the town was already known for its association with Samaná as the province was an active and well-known participant in the slave trade in the 17th century .The port of Samaná ushered in peoples from Africa, Europe and Asia. These, along with the native Taino population, account for the multi and mixed-race population observable in Las Terrenas.

Las Terrenas Today

Presently, it is considered as the most popular resort town for tourists to visit on the Samaná Peninsula. The town is home to locals of European (Swiss, German, Italian, French, Spanish, English), North American and Dominican nationality and ethnicity which makes for a vibrant culture and atmosphere which attracts guests who wish to not only take a dip into the Atlantic Ocean but also into the culture.

What to do?

The town houses several hotels, villas, and guesthouses which are able to accommodate groups, large or small, and guests of different needs/demands. The town also features bars, over 80 restaurants, gift and craft shops, various facilities to engage in water sports, air, land and sea tour companies, casinos, etc. Visitors are also welcomed to join tours to Samaná Bay to engage in annual whale-watching, to go horseback riding, visit waterfalls, atvying, etc.

The most popular beach in Las Terrenas is undisputedly central Las Terrenas Beach (Playa Las Terrenas) .Other popular beaches include Playa El Portillo, Playa Cosón, Playa Las Ballenas, Playa Moron and Playa Bonita. The coast also has other interesting features such as cays, underwater caverns and caves perfect for diving, snorkeling, other water sports or simply for viewing pleasures.

Las Terrenas has loads of daytime fun-filled activities for the entire family to enjoy, but what of its night life?

At night the streets buzz with locals and tourists who go bar hopping, clubbing, gambling ,dining, to karaoke, etc. Others roam along the waterfront and enjoy live bands and performances put on by locals or to buy and sell food and liquor at El Mercado de la Noche (Night Market)

Where is Las Terrenas?, How to get there

Las Terrenas is accessible by the SamanáSanta Domingo highway which cuts the previous four to six hour drive into a reasonable two hour drive on a smooth four-lane road. It is also accessible by the Samaná El Catey International Airport which caters to both domestic and international flights.

Now that you know what/where Las Terrenas is, where to stay, what to do both day and night and how to get there, it is time to book that flight. Las Terrenas awaits with all that is promised and so much more.

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