The invasion of algae in the Dominican coasts, mainly in the largest tourist area of ​​the country, is a problem that has been affecting the industry without chimneys for several years, increasing in some seasons more than in others.

Willing to battle and aware that a solution must be created to minimize the damage and be able to stay full in this summer season, different hotel chains in the East are determined to find a quick and feasible solution to the inconvenience that also attends to the Pleasant stay of the visitors.

On the subject, Marcos Soto, general manager of the Vik Hotel Arena Blanca in Punta Cana, explained to that to be able to shovel the situation “we have seen the need to bring algae harvesting machines that are special for it, because they take the sand. ”

“It is the way it works and which for more than a year we have been implementing when the arrival of sargassum has increased sharply to the shore,” he added.

He said that in three or four years, this problem has increased in the country constantly, but this year 2018 has been the worst of all. “We have had situations of up to 20 meters inside the sea”.

Soto said that each hotel is currently looking for ways to handle the situation individually, although it has been talked about so that in general, the destination achieves a union not only with the issue of algae but also with the erosion of the beaches.

“Plans have been discussed with the corresponding entities. There are studies, budgets, approvals, all that is needed is that it starts to work. The Government should help us but we are still waiting, “he emphasized.

The manager of VIK Arena Blanca indicated that as a hotel they had a very critical point with the algae several weeks ago, which has already varied with the current and the waves. “Now we are having but in a smaller proportion”.

As for the complaints received by the establishment for the sargasso, Soto said that they have received several visitors who have wanted to use the beach and the amount of algae that drag the waves to the shore, they have not been able to.

“We have had many complaints about the algae. I imagine that the other hotels in the area that are also affected go through the same thing because tourists when they show the brochure or when they see the promotion of the destination they do not present the algae and that is a problem, and although it is not a hotel problem, your vacation is affected by that, “he said.

He said that in the hotel, the collection of algae is usually done during the morning, since during the day a little more is arriving and that can be picked up manually or the next day when the collector passes.

Although the inconvenience is palpable in the eastern part of the country, Soto said that the decrease does not depend directly on the efforts made by each hotel.

“Climate change, environmental depredation, the misuse of resources, are the factors that sargassum is currently a problem for our coasts. In addition fertilizers and overfishing, because it is eliminating the predator by nature of algae, so it has all the facility to increase and dull the shores of the beaches, “he said.

According to Soto, to eradicate the problem requires a global effort because the Dominican Republic alone can not. “Something we can do is look for the right way to subtract them, as in other destinations that use a Maya at a prudent distance so that the algae do not reach the shore.”