The president of the Eastern Aquatic Association, Emile Mariotti, praised the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) to resume the process of labeling maritime vessels that operate excursions and water sports in that area.

He affirmed that the action is very positive for the work of the Dominican Navy, the Specialized Body of Tourist Security (Cestur) and the Mitur in order to determine which boats comply with the laws and at the same time are authorized to operate in the water and which they operate outside the law.

“This step is very important in following the work that is being carried out and helps to guarantee the private investments that have been affected by the companies that operate in an irregular manner, putting at risk the safety of the tourists by not complying with the established norms, at the same time that they offer activities at prices well below the market, “he said in an interview with the Punta Cana Bavaro portal.

Mariotti explained that a company that does not pay taxes, does not have to invest in safe equipment, among other measures, can afford to sell at very low prices, since their expenses are practically nil.

“Once the labeling process is completed, the measures contemplated in the law will be taken to sanction all offenders detected operating without authorization,” he added.

The Direction of Companies and Services of the Mitur continues with the operative of signage of means of maritime transport in the Eastern part of the country, since the beginning of July of this year, with the objective of offering national and international tourists a quality assistance and greater security.