Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, “La Novia del Atlantico” ( The Girlfriend of the Atlantic)

On the northern coast of the Dominican Republic lies a city named Puerto Plata. Discovered on Columbus’ first voyage to the island, he expressed that the fog at peak of the mountain had a silver-like appearance...
Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas, a charming town in the north of Samana

Las Terrenas, a scenic beach lying in the north of the province of Samana at the north eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. History and Background In the year 1946, the then president (Trujillo) gave an...

Cabarete, the kitesurf,windsurf and surfing capital of the Caribbean

The town of Cabarete was founded by Zephaniah Kingsley as part of his Mayorasgo de Koka estate in 1835. He along with his mixed race family and a total of 53 slaves who he...
Altos de Chavón

Altos de Chavón

ALTOS DE CHAVÓN Altos de Chavón, In 1976, Charles Bludhorn, the executive chairman of Paramount pictures (formerly Gulf + Western) had a creative idea. This idea was to use leftover stones from a nearby road/bridge...


BARAHONA HISTORY Santa Cruz de Barahona or ‘Barahona' as it is shortened to by locals and tourist alike was founded by the French-Haitian general Toussaint L'Ouverture in the year 1802. Prior to its founding, the land...

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