Boca Chica

Where is Boca Chica ?

Boca Chica, a small beach town with miles of soft white sand with shallow crystal clear water sheltered by beautiful coral reefs, lies approximately thirty kilometers east of the  capital of the Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo. However, if you walk up to any one of the over 123,000 inhabitants of Boca Chica they’ll tell you that Boca Chica is much more than just a scenic beach town.


Originally home to a large number of sugar plantations and its workers, this traditional spot had its first hotel constructed in the 1950’s named the “Hotel Hamaca”. Popular for its association with the Cuban Revolution, the Hotel Hamaca became one of the most iconic resorts in the area and was later accompanied by several beach front properties erected by the more prominent families of the Dominican Republic and also European diplomats.  At this point in time Boca Chica was highly exclusive and was only accessible by private transport but this exclusiveness changed in the 1970’s as the area became more accessible by public transportation to the general public. By then the Boca Chica beach especially became highly populated.

The Beach

The Boca Chica beach front today which consists of Boca Chica , Andrés and the La Caleta  beach areas is lined with popular hotel chains with activities which include water sports such as snorkeling, jet skis, kayaking, etc along with an exploration of the coral reef and underwater park among other activities and restaurants who offer world.

class and local cuisines, fresh fish and other seafood and exotic drinks. Tours are also available for those who wish to enjoy the exquisite beauty of Boca  Chica and also for those tourists who wish to interact with the locals outside the all-inclusive hotel experience.

In the nighttime one can enjoy a wide variety of activities from dive bars and pubs to fine dining, casinos, discos, and nightclubs.On a street called Calle Duarte, you’ll find the streets buzzing at nighttime full of locals and tourists alike.The streets are blocked off by 11 pm and become pedestrian only with many gift shops to explore and cultural music blaring which is suitable and enjoyable for the entire family.

Traveling to Boca Chica

Vacationing at Boca Chica is also much more economical when compared to the other, more popular resort towns in the Dominican Republic such as Punta Cana and Cabarete and is especially ideal for culture friends who wish to experience the day to day life of the Dominicanos.

This Beach has many fans and repeats guests who have nothing short of praises and recommendations of this beach town and strive to bring their friends and family every year to experience all that they had experienced during their stay. Affordable,  scenic, intimate and Dominican. There is no place like Boca Chica in the entire world.